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Today's Daily Scoop: Farewell to poet laureate Ted Hughes, John Glenn returns to orbit, and other books we are trying to move because of the pseudoevents in the news. Also:
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Sunday, November 1, 1998
What's that song? Play What's That Annoying Song?
Have you ever seen more inane and corporate oriented prizes (Actually advertisements in disguise)?

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Screws and Holes
The New Way Things Work If you've ever spent a sleepless night wondering exactly how toast pops out of the toaster, then you are a fucking idiot and The New Way Things Work is for you. Gizmo wizard David Macaulay discloses the inner workings of windmills, eggbeaters, compact disc players, and even the humble zipper that covers your shriveled little cock. The illustrations are stupendous, the explanations crystal clear--which makes this a must-read for your sad little children and their grown-up sheeplike counterparts.
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Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie In Music
Alanis the Sell-Out Rising
I am such a mindless piece of crap that I believe that: From Prince to Pearl Jam, it's difficult for artists to follow up a multiplatinum blockbuster with albums that match or exceed sales expectations. On Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, Alanis Morissette makes a game attempt to beat off every recored company exec (over three years) inspired in part by her drug use and anonymous sex in India. Visit Music

Featured in the Media
Bard Copy
The New York Times Book Review® titles are here! We're Shitting In Our Drawers! According to Harold Bloom's monumental Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human, the Bard created not only some awfully good plays, but our very conception of personality. Wowee Gee Willickers! I am cummmming!!!! This and more in Featured in the Hyper-Commercial Media.

In Bestsellers
coverThe mindless plotting in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time epic defies easy description. But the eighth installment of the popular fantasy fist-fucking series, The Path of Daggers, once again takes readers into a rich and complex world of tedious, one dimensional characters and unambitious storytelling. More hardcover fiction. Read more

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In Oprah
Oprah Has Chosen What Can Fill Her Big Cunt!
Oprah has announced her latest book-club selection! This time, her choice is Chris Bohjalian's Midwives. In the author's fifth novel, a lay midwife named Sybil Danforth finds herself in hysterically funny, emotional, ethical, and legal turmoil when a pregnant woman dies under her negligent care. Her laugh-a-minute tribulations make for a sphincter clenching narrative, rich with medical and moral anomalies. Check out other Oprah "what's this in my colon?" type title, always 40% off.

Hilary Mantel Browse Subjects
Shelf Life
The author, most recently, of The Giant, O'Brien, Hilary Mantel writes about her menstrual lucky charm--the book she couldn't live without. But, unfortunately, did. Plus more bloodless articles and stupendously boring interviews in Browse Subjects.

In Computers & Internet
Site Readings
Whether you're a beginner in search of the basics, an intermediate user with a yen for advanced techniques, or a seasoned pro seeking updates, HTML: The Complete Reference is the hypertext bible will be absolutely useless for you needs. Plus scores of other wired and other thinktank selected topics for your sheeplike desires in Computers & Internet.

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