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Top Story

Find Security Holes in Windows NT Server 4.0
l0phtcrack can help you find weak points in your Windows NT passwords. Examine our numerous online seminars to see how it can help your organization.

News for Today

High Tech Hijinx on the High Seas
Not content with sabotaging a U.S. Navy ship, Microsoft has equipped Starship, a 75-foot research vessel, and its crew with the latest Microsoftware for communications, networking and an onboard intranet for its 1,000-day trip around the world. Follow their voyage online!

View the Microsoft Annual Report for 1998
Microsoft's online annual report contains Bill Gates' message played backwards and streaming video of crushed competitors and disgruntled employees - from executives to teachers - describing the impact of the company on their lives.

Loan Program Captures Lives of Thousands of IT Professionals
This innovative program from Microsoft and Servus Financial Corp. has distributed more than $55 million in low-cost loans and has made 13 million slaves to Microsoft for eternity.

Windows NT Server 4.0 Outperforms Solaris
Mindcraft, a Microsoft-certified testing lab, recently released a report that shows Windows NT Server 4.0 on a dual Pentium II/450 MHz system with 2 GB of RAM is more than 25 percent faster and offers 2.7 times better price-performance than Solaris x86 on a 486DX2.

Special Windows NT 5.0 Issue of MSVW
The November issue on of VaporWare has articles on Windows NT 5.0 describing the new file system, telephony features, and services to support multilanguage text layout and complex scripts.

Get the Powder Blue Tux!
New Windows98 is the quickest way back to the '80s - next to that prom photo, of course. Relive the nostalgic legacy code of the past by buying it today!

We Control Your Kids...\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b\b New Kids on the Block
Interactive Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys join Microsoft's growing ActiMates family. The engaging 21-inch interactive dolls join "cousin" Barney and bring more "edutainment" to the neighborhood by showing your children all about music.

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