White House
Welcome to the White's House

Hispanic Heritage Month

The President & Vice President:
Their accomplishments, their families, and how to send them electronic mail --

Commonly Requested Federal Services:
These should satiate your cries for help. Too bad they- oh wait, you'll see.

Interactive Citizens' Handbook:
Your guide to fitting in as a good citizen, in our Orwellian Federal government.

What's New:
Recent White House events
- President talks to Teachers at some school because they promised him 'No Hillary'
- President's lawyers dignify the referal from the Office of GOP's Public Investigator with a response.

White House History and Tours:
Past Presidents and First Families, Erotic Art in the President's House and Whores -- Whore Information

Site News:
Recent updates on our site
- Some script kiddies hacked us
- Our sysadmins learned how to read
- Our goons shut down Clinton's favorite site: www.WhiteHouse.com

The Virtual Library:
Despite our best efforts to govern the Internet, free information like this is still available. Access our Virtual Library, while it's still legal.

The Briefing Room:
The latest news on the President's struggle with his briefs.

White House Help Desk:
If we were going to help you, don't you think we'd have done it by now?

White House for Kids:
Hey kids! When your not being brainwashed by your school, church or the Boy Scouts. Come here so that we can teach you you how to think "the right way".

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