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- 04 / 13 / 90 -

Mark Lederway's musical pledge appeal, the news with April Ryerson, June Lodge, Mike is standing outside on a grassy knoll, the history of the program, the WUSB Radiothon is underway, there will be multiple episodes of the Tripods today, someone will be thrown out the window if enough funds aren't raised, the old theme, soca music, The Tripod Family: Howard rants and raves while trapped in the sewers and Boris continues to be struck dumb, Joe Strummer and the Latino Rockabilly War, it's a sunny Friday afternoon, special guest Jimmy MacDexter, some facts about the sewer system of Nice, this is the first ever daytime show, why WUSB is so important, a recording of the opening moments of the very first show, talking with Jimmy MacDexter, memories of the last reunion show, a bus approaches, why people should call, sobering facts about the signal, Mike is called to the window, The Tripod Family: reaction to the loss of the statue, Rita Marley, Eric is now outside, clarification as to what's happening on the WUSB window ledge, law enforcement shows up to try and keep the watermelon from jumping, an interview with Officer James on past watermelon incidents, blowing the siren, Jimmy appeals to the watermelon not to jump, The Tripod Family: Pop is questioned at the police station in the shooting of Charlie, disturbing updates on the watermelon situation, Eric comments on what's going on at the window, a rundown on the premiums being offered, Gerry Riemer shares news about a surprise pledge, Big Audio Dynamite, Roger , the mood and the weather have changed for the worse, a dramatic development, Mike makes his way back upstairs, remembering the watermelon with somber music, David Bowie, The Tripod Family: Pop continues to deal with the police, Shelly Thunder, dealing with aftermath of the watermelon incident, some words from Gerry, a group hug, changing the pace, some more premiums, the impact WUSB has had on creative radio programming, Jim Dexter plays a special live musical piece, The Tripod Family: trying to escape from an angry cougar, Louis Armstrong, final thanks, an appeal for calls, a hollow feeling, Mike came all the way from Milwaukee for the program. This show includes fundraising.

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April 13
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