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Use this form to submit a hacked web site. But first, read the following:

We do not post EVERY site that gets hacked, just what we consider to be the best and most memorable ones. A good hack is one that actually tries to convey a message of some sort, rather than a lot of boasting and bragging or a compilation of obscenities. Web page hacking is a form of expression but it can also be seen as vandalism. We choose to focus on the hacked sites that may actually mean something to people in the years ahead in more ways than an indictment.

The exception to this is if the site hacked is extremely big and well known. If that's the case, the hack itself becomes an historical event regardless of what's contained on the hacked pages. We can only hope that the message contained within will be significant as well.

We also do not post hacks that we have not been able to verify, which is why it's important to submit a hacked site to us as quickly as possible - they often don't last very long at all.

You only need to submit a hacked site once - repeat entries are ignored by the system, as are invalidly formatted sites.

Finally, we do not record the addresses of people who submit sites so it's not possible for us to reply or acknowledge your submission. You can e-mail hacked@2600.com if you want to send a more detailed message that will include your return address.

Report a NEW site that is CURRENTLY hacked:

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