Some meetings resuming in July

We will begin phasing in 2600 meetings in July, based on statistics for each area. For now, we will only be restarting meetings in locations where 40 percent or more of the population has been fully vaccinated. (We ask that you only go to a meeting if you've been fully vaccinated for your own safety. We are relying on the honor system - nobody is empowered to demand proof of vaccination as nobody is technically in charge at our meetings.)


We will only be restarting those meetings that we have been able to make contact with, either through email ( or via Twitter (@2600Meetings). If your meeting doesn't yet qualify due to vaccination levels, you may still submit it for a listing in the future.


Here is the final listing of meetings for July:



Phoenix (Mesa):
HeatSync Labs, 108 W Main St. 6 pm


Denver (Lone Tree): Park Meadows food court.


Farmington: Barnes and Noble cafe area, 1599 South East Rd.


Kansas City (Overland Park): Barnes & Noble cafe, Oak Park Mall. 6 pm


Boston (Cambridge): The Garage, Harvard Square, food court area. 7 pm


New Jersey
Somerville: Bliss Coffee Lounge, 14 E Main St.


New York
Albany: Crossgates Mall food court. 6 pm
New York: The Atrium at 875, 53rd St & 3rd Ave, lower level.
Rochester: Interlock Rochester, 1115 E Main St, Door #7, Suite 200. 7 pm


North Carolina
Raleigh: Outside Morning Times, 10 E Hargett St. 7 pm


Philadelphia: 30th St Station, food court outside Taco Bell. 6 pm


Ninfa's Express seating area, Galleria IV. 6 pm


Seattle: Cafe Allegro, 4214 University Way NE (alley entrance), upstairs. 6 pm